We have been working with NGOs and CBOs developing appropriate solutions that positively impact people. We operate on a flexible business model that enables us to embark on many technological ventures for the sole purpose of bringing the best values to our customers.

At the core of our values, we care about people, partnership, success, quality of work, empowerment, and innovation with a purpose. We apply a people and process centric approach in all our projects. People first to stimulate capacity development that ensures a higher probability for success, and process second because value can be derived when people understand processes and use them correctly.

In all our projects, our team acts as facilitator, evaluating the efforts of clients staff to ensure that we enhance their capacity to the fullest. We believe that a well-trained staff is the most powerful tool in the knowledge economy.

Meet Our Team

Kendell From AZITS
Kendell Daniel
Manager / Developer
Elroy Jones
Designer / Creative
Calisha Daniel
Researcher / Content Developer